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Friday, February 2, 2024

Brian Head Welch - Why are they Corrupt?

Brian Head Welch - Why are they Corrupt?

A few years ago, my contemplations mirrored those of Brian Head Welch.

The subject of my introspection centered around individuals who, identifying as "Christians,"

exhibited a penchant for judging their fellow believers. What struck me was their assertion of

moral perfection since embracing Christianity, a stance I found troubling. I attribute a level of

accountability to God upon such individuals, positing that their judgmental attitudes

potentially drive believers away from their faith, especially those newly initiated.

My journey as a believer, spanning numerous years, led me to question my own persistence in

sin, influenced by a palpable aversion towards the Pharisaical and hypocritical behaviors

exhibited by some Christians. Despite aspiring to emulate God's unconditional love, I find

myself grappling with an inability to do so. Consequently, I chose to disengage from fruitless

debates and immersed myself in intensive biblical reading. The scriptures have, in turn,

revealed insights into those who, according to divine pronouncements, elicit God's

displeasure. I intend to expound upon this revelation in an upcoming blog post or video.

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