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Friday, December 22, 2023

Luke 18:42 - Rediscovering Faith, Hope, and Healing

Luke 18:42 - Rediscovering Faith, Hope, and Healing

In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 18 recounts a powerful encounter between Jesus and a blind man, as described in verse 42. This pivotal moment holds profound lessons about faith, hope, and the transformative power of divine healing. As we delve deeper into this passage, let's explore its significance and how it resonates in our lives today.

To comprehend the full impact of Luke 18:42, it's essential to understand the broader context. This chapter reveals Jesus' teachings about persistence in prayer and the significance of childlike faith. In the societal backdrop of that time, blindness carried heavy social and economic burdens, making the blind man's plea to Jesus even more poignant.

- Explore parallel passages in other Gospels (Matthew, Mark, John) that mention similar healing encounters by Jesus to gain a comprehensive understanding.

- Investigate the cultural and historical significance of healing miracles during Jesus' time to grasp the impact of these events.

The Encounter and its Lessons:

When the blind man heard of Jesus passing by, he cried out for mercy, despite the crowd's attempt to silence him. Jesus stopped and asked what he wanted. The man's answer, "Lord, I want to see," reflected not just a physical desire but a deeper longing for spiritual sight. This interaction unveils profound truths about faith, persistence, and divine compassion.

Bible Study Notes:

- Analyze the specific language used in the passage (e.g., "your faith has healed you") to understand the relationship between faith and healing.

- Explore commentaries or resources that delve into the cultural significance of Jesus' actions and words during this encounter.

Personal Reflection:

Reflecting on this passage brings to mind moments when blindness—whether physical or metaphorical—obscured our vision. Perhaps it was a time when faith seemed dim or hope felt distant. Sharing personal experiences of encountering faith, hope, or healing can add depth to the understanding of this biblical narrative.

Tips to Build Faith Through Jesus:

- Embrace a childlike faith: Trust God with simplicity and trust, just as a child believes without doubts.

- Engage in regular prayer and meditation on Scripture: Establish a deeper connection with God through prayer and studying His Word.

- Surround yourself with a supportive faith community: Seek encouragement and spiritual growth within a community of believers.

- Reflect on past experiences of God's faithfulness: Recall moments where God showed His faithfulness in your life, reinforcing your trust in Him.

Application to Daily Life:

Translating the lessons from Luke 18:42 into practical actions, we discover ways to nurture faith, embrace hope, and seek healing in our daily lives. Just as the blind man's persistence led to his healing, our perseverance in prayer and unwavering faith can lead us toward our own transformative encounters.

Luke 18:42 remains a beacon of hope, reminding us that through faith, even the most profound darkness can be illuminated. As we navigate life's challenges, may we hold onto the lessons learned from this encounter, seeking divine guidance, and finding renewal in faith, hope, and the promise of healing.


Monday, December 18, 2023

If This Church Didn't Film It, I Wouldn't Believe You

Unveiling the Unseen: Mega Church Interruptions


Off The Kirb Ministries is back with another eye-opening video, and this time, Joe Kirby delves into the intriguing world of mega churches. In the latest installment, "If This Church Didn't Film It, I Wouldn't Believe You," Kirby investigates the monumental interruptions that occur in mega churches and explores how pastors navigate these embarrassing moments during their sermons.

Key Points:

1. **Investigating Mega Church Interruptions:**

Joe Kirby takes viewers on a journey to uncover the biggest interruptions in mega churches. From technical glitches to unexpected surprises, the video explores the challenges faced by pastors in maintaining the flow of their sermons when faced with unforeseen disruptions.

2. **Pastoral Reactions:**

The focus of the video is on how mega church pastors react to these embarrassing moments. Kirby analyzes the responses of these spiritual leaders when faced with interruptions, shedding light on the human side of those who often stand on the pulpit with an air of authority and composure.

3. **Embarrassing Moments Unveiled:**

The video likely features clips or examples of some of the most embarrassing and unexpected interruptions in mega churches. Whether it's a technical malfunction or an unforeseen incident in the congregation, Off The Kirb Ministries aims to capture the unscripted and real moments that challenge the controlled environment of a mega church service.

4. **Return to Weekly Saturday Videos:**

Joe Kirby shares a personal note with the viewers, expressing his intention to return to weekly Saturday videos, contingent on divine approval. This announcement adds a personal touch to the video and invites viewers to stay tuned for more content from Off The Kirb Ministries.

5. **Hashtags and Channel Update:**

The video is tagged with relevant hashtags such as #church, #offthekirb, and #God, signaling the thematic elements covered. Additionally, viewers are encouraged to check the Off The Kirb Ministries channel every Saturday at 9:30 AM (Eastern Time) for new content.


"If This Church Didn't Film It, I Wouldn't Believe You" promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the behind-the-scenes challenges faced by mega church pastors. As Off The Kirb Ministries returns to its weekly Saturday schedule, viewers can anticipate a deeper understanding of the human experience within the seemingly flawless world of mega churches. Stay tuned for a revealing look at the unexpected moments that make these spiritual gatherings all the more real.

PLEASE NOTE: If God allows me, my goal is to return to weekly Saturday videos again starting today! So check our Off the Kirb Ministries channel every Saturday 9:30AM (eastern time). 

Joe Kirby investigates the biggest interruptions in mega churches and how mega church pastors react to these embarrassing moments whilst they are preaching.

#church #offthekirb #God

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Gaining Wisdom from Proverbs 18: A Closer Look at the Scriptures

Gaining Wisdom from Proverbs 18: A Closer Look at the Scriptures

In the vast landscape of biblical wisdom, the Book of Proverbs stands out as a treasure trove of timeless truths that guide us in navigating life's journey. Today, let's delve into Proverbs 18, a chapter that offers profound insights into the power of words, the importance of humility, and the ultimate source of true wisdom.

The Power of Words:

Proverbs 18 begins with a striking statement: "Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment." This verse highlights the danger of isolation and the need for community. Delving into commentaries, we find that renowned biblical scholars emphasize the significance of seeking counsel and the detrimental effects of a self-centered mindset. The Pulpit Commentary notes that seeking one's own desires apart from others can lead to a distorted perspective, hindering sound judgment and wise decision-making.

The Tongue's Impact:

Verse 14 introduces another dimension to the power of words: "A man's spirit will endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?" This poignant verse underscores the emotional and spiritual impact of words on an individual. Consulting commentaries, we learn that a crushed spirit is a heavy burden, emphasizing the need for kindness and encouragement in our speech. Matthew Henry's commentary reflects on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of physical illness and the vulnerability of a spirit broken by harsh words.

The Tongue's Impact (Continued):

Verse 21 further brings our attention to the power of words: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits." This verse emphasizes the immense influence our words have on our lives and the lives of those around us. In his commentary, Matthew Henry points out that the tongue can either bring life or death, blessings or curses. It challenges us to be mindful of our speech, recognizing the weight of our words and the impact they can have on relationships and circumstances.

The Role of Humility:

Proverbs 18:12 introduces the theme of humility: "Before destruction a man's heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor." This verse prompts us to reflect on the consequences of pride and the virtue of humility. The ESV Study Bible notes that a haughty heart precedes destruction, emphasizing the need for humility as a precursor to honor. By consulting these commentaries, we gain a deeper understanding of the biblical wisdom urging us to cultivate a humble spirit.

The Value of Seeking Counsel:

Adding to the discussion, Proverbs 18:19 states, "A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle." This verse underscores the challenges of reconciliation and the need for humility in resolving conflicts. Examining the commentaries, we find insights into the stubbornness that can arise from offense and the fortified nature of quarrels. The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges suggests that addressing offenses with humility and seeking reconciliation are crucial for maintaining harmonious relationships.

The Blessings of Unity:

Verse 20 complements the discussion on conflict resolution: "From the fruit of a man's mouth, his stomach is satisfied; he is satisfied by the yield of his lips." This verse highlights the positive impact of wholesome words on an individual's well-being. Delving into commentaries, we discover that the Pulpit Commentary underscores the connection between speech and satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of using words to build up and nourish others.

A Friend Closer than a Brother:

Proverbs 18:24 introduces a profound perspective on friendship: "A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." This verse emphasizes the value of genuine friendship and introduces a deeper, more profound relationship. As Christians, we can't help but relate this verse to Jesus, who is the ultimate friend that sticks closer than a brother. In the Gospel of John 15:13, Jesus declares, "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." Jesus, the truest and most faithful friend, exemplifies the selfless and sacrificial nature of genuine friendship.

Seeking God's Wisdom:

As we explore Proverbs 18, it becomes evident that the ultimate source of wisdom is God Himself. Proverbs 18:10 declares, "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe." This verse encourages us to seek refuge in God's name, finding safety and security in His wisdom. The Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary highlights the imagery of a strong tower as a place of defense and shelter, emphasizing God's role as our ultimate source of protection and guidance.

Proverbs 18 serves as a rich tapestry of wisdom, weaving together themes of community, the power of words, the value of humility, and the ultimate reliance on God's wisdom. By exploring reliable commentaries and Bible notes, we gain valuable insights that enhance our understanding of these timeless truths. Let us, therefore, approach the Book of Proverbs with open hearts and minds, seeking the wisdom that leads to a life rooted in righteousness and honor. In our pursuit of wisdom, let us also cherish the friendship of Jesus, the truest companion who sticks closer than a brother.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Goodness Of God" sung by Jenn Johnson live at Bethel Church

Goodness Of God" sung by Jenn Johnson live at Bethel Church

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Verse 1

I love You Lord

Oh Your mercy never fails me

All my days 

I've been held in Your hands

From the moment that I wake up

Until I lay my head

I will sing of the goodness of God


All my life You have been faithful

All my life You have been so, so good

With every breath that I am able

I will sing of the goodness of God

Verse 2 

I love Your voice

You have led me through the fire

In darkest nights

You are close like no other

I've known You as a father

I've known You as a friend

I have lived in the goodness of God


Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me 

Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me 

With my life laid down, I’m surrendered now, I give You everything

Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me

Written by Jenn Johnson / Ed Cash / Jason Ingram / Ben Fielding / Brian Johnson

#goodnessofgod #bethelmusic #victory

A Personal Voyage Through Proverbs 14

A Personal Voyage Through Proverbs 14

Title: Embracing Wisdom: My Proverbs 14 Journey

Hey, cherished friends! 👋 Lately, I've been navigating life with the ancient compass of Proverbs, and Proverbs 14 has become a cherished chapter in my personal odyssey. Let me take you on this sincere journey.

Whispers of Ancient Wisdom

Ever felt the warmth of ancient whispers guiding you? Proverbs is my haven—a collection of timeless whispers that have become my trusted companions, offering solace and guidance.

Sincere Reflection: Make Proverbs your morning companion. It’s like sipping on wisdom-infused tea, grounding you before the world awakens.

Proverbs 14: A Heartfelt Conversation

Proverbs 14 isn’t just a chapter; it's a heartfelt dialogue between me and life. With 35 verses, it's as if each word is a stitch knitting together the fabric of my existence. Let’s unfold this conversation and discover the treasures concealed within.

Sincere Reflection: Take a slow stroll through each verse. Let it weave into the tapestry of your thoughts, sparking introspection.

Wisdom vs. Folly: Navigating Life's Crossroads

Solomon's musings on wisdom and folly resonate deeply. It's like standing at the crossroads of life, where each decision shapes the contours of our journey.

Sincere Reflection: Share a moment when a wise decision paved a path for you. Our stories are threads in the grand tapestry of humanity.

Words: Crafting Our Emotional Symphony

Our words compose the emotional symphony of our lives. Proverbs 14 urges me to be mindful of the lyrics, knowing that each word contributes to the melody of my existence.

Sincere Reflection: Embark on the challenge of a "kind words only" day. Witness the transformation it brings to your emotional composition.

Integrity: Nurturing the Soul's Soil

Integrity, the sacred soil nurturing the soul, is a theme delicately woven into Proverbs 14. It's an invitation to tend to the garden of authenticity within.

Sincere Reflection: Share a moment when your integrity faced a storm. In vulnerability, we find strength.

Kindness: The Tapestry of the Heart

Proverbs 14 unfolds a chapter dedicated to kindness—a language spoken by the heart. It's a voyage into the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have on the human soul.

Sincere Reflection: Embark on a kindness mission and share the colors it adds to the tapestry of your heart.

Wrap-Up: A Heartfelt Sharing

This blog isn’t just a post; it's a shared chronicle of my soul's exploration. Proverbs 14 isn’t a set of rules; it's a companion in my quest for meaning. Let’s cradle these wisdom nuggets together and waltz through the dance of life.

Sincere Reflection: Which Proverb resonates deeply with your soul? How does wisdom paint the canvas of your life? Pour your heart into the comments, and let’s create a haven of shared understanding.