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Monday, October 9, 2023

Prayer For When You Don't Know What To Do #PrayeroftheDay

Prayer For When You Don't Know What To Do

Dear heavenly Lord,

I face situations and decisions.

It's complicated and dense.

feel confused and lost.

Can you help me?

Can you show me the light?

First of all, oh Lord,

Calm my heart.

Let me know that my peace

Depends upon you alone.

No matter how things turn out,

With you at the center of my life,

I will stand. I will survive.

May your Spirit keep me balanced.

Lord, show me your will.

Let my mind and heart be open

To what best serves truth and life.

Give me courage

To do what is right.

Show me your Word.

Reveal it to my heart, oh Lord.

And make my conviction strong.

For when I go to you,

And you show me your will,

The blessing is guaranteed.

It may not be easy,

It may take time,

But upon Christ I stand firm.

In Jesus name,


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