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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Aching Hearts in Waiting: Jesus, Why the Delay?

Aching Hearts in Waiting: Jesus, Why the Delay?

In the land of ancient stories, my heart does weep,

For the babies and children, their slumbers so deep.

Parents, grandmas, grandpas, torn away in despair,

Oh, how heartless are the deeds, it's almost too much to bear.

Hamas, oh Hamas, what path did you take,

To commit such atrocious acts, for humanity's sake?

Barbaric and heartless, the cries of despair,

Innocent civilians caught in this relentless snare.

Oh Lord, from the heavens, You watch it unfold,

The stories of anguish, of pain untold.

We wonder, we ponder, we question Your grace,

In the midst of this turmoil, what's Your destined place?

So many questions, like tears softly shed,

In this turmoil, our hearts, heavy as lead.

We weep for them all, for the innocent too,

On both sides of this struggle, our tears intermingle and stew.

When will this madness find its end,

The pain, the sorrow, the wounds to mend?

In the pages of the Bible, it's been foretold,

But witnessing it now, our hearts feel so cold.

Dear Jesus, we wait, in patience and prayer,

For Your wisdom to guide us, to show that You care.

In this dark hour, let Your light brightly gleam,

For Your children need You, in this distressing dream.

So we wait and we wonder, we hope and we pray,

For the dawning of peace to brighten this day.

In this time of chaos, help us find our release,

Pour out Your wisdom and grant Your children Your peace.

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