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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Is A.I. a sign of the End Times!? 25 Questions with Isaiah Saldivar

Is A.I. a sign of the End Times!? 25 Questions with Isaiah Saldivar

Is Artificial intelligence a sign of the end times!? We will be answering questions like this and others during this new live stream format, where we select 25 questions and answer them live on stream! Send your questions to . This is going to be an informative and exciting stream you don't want to miss. Emergency EMAIL List To become a monthly partner SECOND CHANNEL!    / @isaiahsaldivarclips   To become a channel member    / @isaiahsaldivar   Discord Ways to Support the Ministry: ๐Ÿค Monthly Partner (Monthly partners receive 70 sermons and 25% off merch store) ๐ŸคŽ Venmo ๐Ÿ’ธ PayPal ๐Ÿ’ถ Zelle ๐Ÿ“ซ Check “Isaiah Saldivar” PO Box 1615 Address 165 N. Maple Ave, Manteca, CA 95336 TO MAIL SOMETHING PO BOX 1615 165 N. Maple Ave Manteca, CA 95336 ๐ŸคConnect ๐Ÿคwith Isaiah Saldivar Facebook: Instagram: Tiktok: - More Videos You Might Like! Am I under a SPIRITUAL attack? -    • Am I under a SPIR...   WHO are the NEPHILIM?    • WHO are the NEPHI...   EXPOSING Satan - Your SECRET weapons    • EXPOSING Satan - ...   The END Times - Mark of Beast, 666, Rapture,    • The END Times - M...   SIGNS you have a SPIRITUAL spouse    • SIGNS you have a ...   HOW to BREAK Demonic Curses/Witchcraft    • HOW to BREAK Demo...   SUPERNATURAL Abilities - 9 Gifts Everyone Needs    • SUPERNATURAL Abil...   Do I Have a DEMON!? 3 ways to know!    • Do I have a DEMON...   Breaking curses - Learn how to fight back!    • Breaking Curses -...   HOW to cast out DEMON    • HOW to cast out a...   Casting out STUBBORN demons    • Casting Out STUBB...   Ex SATANIC high priest John Ramirez.    • Ex SATANIC high p...   Q&A W/ EX-WARLOCK John Ramirez    • Q&A W/ EX-WARLOCK...   Self Deliverance Tips    • I TRIED Casting D...   MUST SEE! DEMONS cast out of a man    • MUST SEE! DEMONS ...   WHERE God lives on the earth!    • WHERE God lives o...   Isaiah Saldivar Is LIVE every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday night at 6 PM PACIFIC On Facebook and Youtube. To find someone to do deliverance on you To partner with the ministry. (All monthly partners receive 70 free messages plus a 25% off code for merch store) MERCH #A.I. #Sermon #Ask

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