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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Guard The Imaginations Of Your Heart (Full Sermon) | Joseph Prince | Gospel Partner Episode

Guard The Imaginations Of Your Heart (Full Sermon) | Joseph Prince | Gospel Partner Episode

In this Gospel Partner episode, discover how to guard your heart from worries and anxieties and experience God’s blessings manifest in your life. About Gospel Partner Gospel Partner is an initiative to get the gospel of grace out to as many people as possible. How can I be a Gospel Partner? • Pray over this initiative and for hearts to be open to the gospel. • Share this episode link. Help us bring the good news further:    • Guard The Imagina...   • Sign up for a subscription plan and get your first month free! Visit: Here are other ways you can support the work behind bringing more Gospel Partner episodes and resources to those who need them: • Become a supporter on Patreon: • Become a supporter on Buy Me A Coffee: Through any of these ways above, you will be supporting our ongoing commitment and publishing mission to (1) accelerate our content development work, (2) support the innovation of our technology, and (3) make more resources available for free to people in need. Do note that as we are a publishing house with a focus to advance the Gospel through resources, we do not accept tithes, offerings, and donations. About this episode You are watching the sermon, Guard The Imaginations Of Your Heart, preached on May 1, 2022 by Joseph Prince. This full sermon was made free on YouTube because of the support of our gospel partners. Thank you for partnering with us! Watch and discuss it with our community here: Chapters 0:00 In Today's Gospel Partner Episode... 0:42 What Is Gospel Partner? 3:16 Testimony Section 7:48 01 Introduction: Are we appreciating what we have? 15:13 02 We crave for things we can't attain 27:21 03 God wants you to guard your heart 41:01 04 What is the heart in the Bible? 51:40 05 Your imaginations shape your reality 57:28 06 Fill your heart with faith pictures 1:07:06 07 What you see on the inside matters 1:15:05 08 Practice guarding your heart this week 1:20:04 09 Salvation prayer & prayer of blessing 1:23:36 Join Us As A Gospel Partner Delve deeper into this sermon with our study notes: If you are dealing with a health challenge, we are believing with you for your breakthrough, and we speak the Lord’s healing over you. As you stand in faith for your complete healing, be sure to practice both faith and wisdom. Be sure to consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider regarding your health status, and do not, on your own accord, disregard any professional medical advice or stop taking your medication. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report! New here? Get access to 7 free sermons to grow in the gospel when you sign up for updates: Prayed the salvation prayer? Subscribe and be the first to know when a Gospel Partner episode is released: You can also find us at: #gospelpartner #josephprince #2022sermon

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