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Saturday, November 4, 2023

#JesusdailyPrayer 453672

 It feels so good when you read something like this in the morning.

It surely refreshes my mind from worries of the future and

help me trust in God again and again.

That's why it is good to spend time with God in the morning.

A quick 3 minute short read of His promises will surely go a long way.

Be blessed.

When I Need Hope and Joy in My Heart

Lord, I thank You for Your Word because it gives me comfort and hope.

When I lose hope or become discouraged,

I pray that You would help me to better understand Your Word

and enable me to draw on all the hope that is to be found in it.

Help me to know You better so that

I can fully understand how great my hope is in You.

The hope I find in Your Word gives me joy in my heart.

Whatever things were written before were written for our learning,

that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.


Source: Prayers for Emotional Wholeness by Stormie Omartian

"I Tried to Warn You" - Archaeologist is Providing Proof of Why You Should Never Mess With God

Biblical archaeology channels you need to subscribe too! πŸ‘‡ Timo and Marie Shelley: Joel Kramer at Expedition Bible: RISE Documentary: Archaeologist Dr Steve Collins interview: Lot's wife in Jordan: Ron Wyatt Discoveries: Off the Kirb Ministries gives full credit to the biblical archaeology documentaries, archaeological facts and footage that we used from these Christians and archaeologists in the videos listed above! #archaeology #history #discovery

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Are You Still Reading The Bible like THIS? | Joseph Prince Ministries

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Nurturing Your Relationship with God: Jude 1:2 and Its Timeless Wisdom

Nurturing Your Relationship with God: Jude 1:2 and Its Timeless Wisdom

The Bible, a timeless and revered text, offers wisdom and guidance for both believers and those seeking a deeper relationship with God. In its pages, we find verses that resonate across generations, touching the human spirit in profound ways. One such verse is Jude 1:2, a gem tucked away in the New Testament, known for its message of hope and blessing. In this article, we'll delve into the rich tapestry of Jude 1:2 and explore how its message transcends the bounds of religion, offering insights for those looking to nurture a deeper relationship with God.

Jude 1:2 - The Verse of Blessing

"May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance." – Jude 1:2 (NIV)

Jude 1:2 is a short yet impactful verse that packs a powerful message. It may be part of the Christian Bible, but its wisdom is universal. Let's break it down and examine how these three words—mercy, peace, and love—can deepen the connection between individuals and God.

  • Mercy - The Gift of Divine Compassion

Mercy is more than an act of forgiveness; it's a profound expression of God's compassion. This divine quality extends to believers and non-believers alike, inviting everyone to experience the boundless love and forgiveness of a caring Creator.

Consider a world where mercy reigns—a world where we extend compassion to one another as God extends it to us. It's a world where we don't hold grudges but rather show understanding and forgiveness. The concept of mercy, when seen as an expression of God's grace, has the power to touch the hearts of those seeking a closer relationship with the Divine.

  • Peace - Harmonizing Your Soul with God

Peace is not merely the absence of conflict; it's an inner state of tranquility that resonates with the very essence of God. It's the calm within the storm, the sanctuary of the soul, and the harmonious alignment with the Creator.

Imagine nurturing your relationship with God through inner peace. This inner tranquility is attainable and can guide you through life's uncertainties. It's a message that can touch the hearts of people from all walks of life, whether or not they subscribe to any particular religion.

  • Love - Embracing God's Universal Language

Love is the most profound and universal of all human emotions. It binds us together and serves as a bridge between individuals and their Creator. It knows no religious or cultural boundaries; it's the very essence of our shared humanity.

Jude 1:2 calls for love in abundance, an invitation to embrace God's love and to extend it to all. It's not merely a religious sentiment but a universal language that speaks to the depths of our hearts.

Unlocking Abundance - A Message for All

Jude 1:2 is more than just words on a page; it's a recipe for an abundant life in your relationship with God. By weaving together mercy, peace, and love, you can create a tapestry of blessings that enriches your spiritual journey. Here are some Bible study notes to help you delve deeper into this message of abundance in your relationship with God:

1. Mercy: A Divine Gift

  • Mercy, as expressed in Jude 1:2, represents God's boundless grace and forgiveness, available to all who seek a relationship with Him.
  • The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) beautifully illustrates God's mercy, showing how God eagerly welcomes those who return to Him, regardless of their past.
  • Meditation and prayer can help you cultivate an understanding of God's mercy by fostering humility and gratitude in your relationship with Him.
  • Embracing God's mercy can lead to personal transformation and the development of deeper connections in your relationship with Him.

2. Peace: The Divine Harmony

  • Peace is a state of inner tranquility that reflects God's presence in your life. It's not limited to those who follow a particular faith; it's a blessing available to all who seek a deeper relationship with God.
  • The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) contains teachings on inner peace, encouraging qualities such as humility, meekness, and forgiveness in your relationship with God.
  • Prayer and reflection can help you attain inner peace by promoting a deeper understanding of God's plan and purpose in your life.
  • Peace is not just the absence of conflict but also the presence of harmony in your relationship with God.

3. Love: God's Unconditional Love

  • Love, as described in Jude 1:2, is an invitation to experience God's unconditional love and to extend it to all in your relationship with Him.
  • The Bible is rich in verses about love, including the famous passage from 1 Corinthians 13, which speaks of love's enduring nature.
  • The practice of loving-kindness meditation, drawn from various spiritual traditions, can be a powerful tool for nurturing love and goodwill toward all beings in your relationship with God.
  • Love is a force that can deepen your connection with God, fostering a profound sense of His presence in your life.

A Universal Call to Abundance in Your Relationship with God

Jude 1:2, while housed within the Christian Bible, is a call to universal abundance in your relationship with God. It speaks to people from all backgrounds, inviting them to embrace mercy, peace, and love as cornerstones of their journey with God.

For non-believers and believers alike, this verse offers a valuable perspective on how biblical teachings can transcend religious boundaries and inspire a profound relationship with God. It encourages individuals to reflect on these timeless virtues and apply them to their daily lives, fostering a sense of unity and purpose in their relationship with God.

A Message of Hope for Your Relationship with God

Jude 1:2 may be just one verse in the Bible, but its message of mercy, peace, and love is a beacon of hope for your relationship with God. It extends its hand to both believers and those on the path to faith, reminding us that the pursuit of an abundant life in God's presence is a universal endeavor.

So, whether you find solace in the pages of the Bible or are on a journey to nurture your relationship with God, the message of Jude 1:2 is an invitation to explore the treasures of mercy, peace, and love. By doing so, you can unlock the abundance of blessings in your relationship with God, reaching out to all who seek a deeper connection with the Divine, regardless of their faith or beliefs.


Monday, October 30, 2023

Miracle rescue in Israel: ‘God come from heaven and saved my parents | All Israel News

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

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Grace is when God gives us good things that we don't deserve.

Mercy is when He spares us from bad things we deserve.

Blessings are when He is generous with both.

Truly, we can never run out of reasons to thank Him.

God is Good All The Time!

Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Powerful Benefits Of God's Word (Full The Powerful Benefits Of God's Word (Full Sermon) | Joseph Prince | Gospel Partner Episode

In this Gospel Partner episode, see how God likens His Word to the physical land of Israel—the promised land of abundance—and discover the wonderful blessings and breakthroughs for your life found in the Bible you hold in your hand. About Gospel Partner Gospel Partner is a publishing house committed to advancing the gospel of grace. Our mission is to find ways to make Jesus-centered, grace-based teaching resources completely free for those who cannot afford them. If you would like to join us in this global publishing mission reaching over 150 nations, and receive access to more than 1,000 sermons by Joseph Prince, visit: Here are other ways you can support the mission: • Become a supporter on Patreon: • Make a one-time contribution on Buy Me A Coffee: About this episode You are watching the sermon, The Powerful Benefits Of God's Word, preached on Aug 21, 2022 by Joseph Prince. This full sermon was made free on YouTube because of the support of our gospel partners. Thank you for partnering with us! Watch and discuss it with our community here: Chapters 0:00 In Today's Gospel Partner Episode... 0:30 Welcome Message by Joseph Prince 1:09 Let's Start Off With A Praise Break! 7:39 01 Introduction: Is the Bible still relevant today? 22:30 02 Take the Word of God = take your promised land 32:28 03 Don't neglect this healing benefit 44:31 04 Learn practical lessons and wisdom for life 54:57 05 Where and how do we get started? 1:01:43 06 The secret to inherit all of God's blessings 1:15:31 07 Stay protected all around 1:27:45 08 Salvation prayer & prayer of blessing 1:30:47 Healing Scriptures Is Available Now! Delve deeper into this sermon with our study notes: If you are dealing with a health challenge, we are believing with you for your breakthrough, and we speak the Lord’s healing over you. As you stand in faith for your complete healing, be sure to practice both faith and wisdom. Be sure to consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider regarding your health status, and do not, on your own accord, disregard any professional medical advice or stop taking your medication. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report! New here? Get access to 7 free sermons to grow in the gospel when you sign up for updates: Facing a health challenge? Request/purchase our healing scriptures e-book and audio companion: Prayed the salvation prayer? Subscribe and be the first to know when a Gospel Partner episode is released: You can also find us at:   / josephprince     / josephprince     / josephprince   #gospelpartner #josephprince #2022sermon